Free DVDs!

From: PNCOOL24 Aug 2004 14:20
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I dunno if anyone knows but The Sun and are doing a free DVD a day.


Want a free copy of The Long Good Friday with Bob Hoskins in it? Just go to and fill in the details. The password's SUNFRIDAY.


I only know this because my supervisor at work showed me it. If I catch a look at today's paper I'll post the details of that one as well. Apparently today's film is going to be Mona Lisa.

From: Kriv24 Aug 2004 14:40
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From: Trigger (TR)24 Aug 2004 16:20
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From: Kriv24 Aug 2004 16:23
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From: PNCOOL25 Aug 2004 16:45
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Meh, I didn't see it posted before. Wasn't in the latest Music and Film threads.
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)16 Sep 2019 17:22
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Because time travel still doesn't work, I was unable to retrieve these fine DVDs from 2004. Fortunately, however, MrsD. was able to source a Bob Hoskins collection DVD at our local lieberry -- in 2019!

We have thus far watched Raggedy Rawney about a gypsy camp visited by a cross-dressing WWI deserter, The Long Good Friday (which we watched a couple of times before), and currently are on Neil Jordan's Mona Lisa, an odd-couple flick that you might say lay some of the groundwork for his later smash hit Crying Game.

We got about 2/3 through The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearn but bailed when it became obvious she was tragically headed for a booze-fueled abyss (Judith Hearn, not MrsD., who is a teetotaler AFAIK).

Hooray Bob.  :-O~~~
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From: graphitone21 Sep 2019 12:47
Is the seminally acclaimed Super Mario Bros film in that collection?

Edit - just seen the Mona Lisa thread and WMa beat me to that reference.

Still, it begs the question, what's the worst film you've ever seen?
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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)21 Sep 2019 14:03
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Hmmm. That's a toughie. It's probably a Steven Seagal but... so bad it's good kind of bad.

OK, yeah I'm going to go with Under Siege. The break dancing scene and his bro banter with some barely intelligible rapper dude are off the charts bad.
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From: graphitone21 Sep 2019 15:13
Is that the black dude he refers to as 'Cueball'?

Edit - yep.

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From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)21 Sep 2019 17:06
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I'm thinking of someone else, maybe a different Seagal movie. Dude was like a rapper / standup comedian. Younger, had hair, acted ridiculous but dangerous AF. I think he was meant to be a gang banger.
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From: Manthorp21 Sep 2019 21:38
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There are various forms of worst, of course. I walked out of Pasolini's 120 Days of Sodom because I thought it was sexually delinquent self-indulgence in disguise. I walked out of The Running Man, too, because it was just really shit. I stayed to the end of The Incredible Melting Man, agog at its transcendent ineptitude.  "My god! It's his ear!" 
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)21 Sep 2019 23:47
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I had no problem watching 120 Days, because I thought it was an exposition (perhaps exaggerated, perhaps not) of fascist depravity (or as Wikipedia more fulsomely puts it, "explores the themes of political corruption, murder, abuse of power, sadism, perversion, sexuality and fascism."). OTOH I found the mass murder church scene in Kingsman Secret Service to be gratuitous, OTT and serving no valid purpose. Plus it was overall a shitty movie.
From: graphitone22 Sep 2019 08:18
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Not to mention that each genre is more than capable of putting out dross, which can be difficult to compare to others.
I'd put Mercury Rising up there just because it's bloody awful and I've never forgiven the friend who recommended it and Hostel, which was just gore porn and had no reason for being made beyond this.
From: william (WILLIAMA)23 Sep 2019 23:20
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The worst film I've ever seen is Forrest Gump. My reasoning is that it's clearly the worst film ever made. Some people feel it has redeeming features, but this is not the case. 
From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)24 Sep 2019 14:43
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Yeah it's pretty bad... I've seen plenty worse.
From: graphitone24 Sep 2019 18:27
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The Running Man has the usual Schwarzenegger camp quality to it and Jesse Ventura hams it up aplenty, with a costume made from cardboard boxes afaict.

From: CHYRON (DSMITHHFX)24 Sep 2019 18:34
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I thought the running man was great, wildly entertaining.
From: graphitone24 Sep 2019 20:29
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From: william (WILLIAMA)24 Sep 2019 20:45
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Not trolling. I absolutely hate it. I can't think of anything good about it whatsoever. Film "ideas" that were far better done by Zelig and Being There. The laughable notion that the American Dream is so wonderful that even the disabled and disadvantaged can fly to the top. The portrayal of every single character to the left of Jo McCarthy as flawed and doomed. The criminal waste of money in making this shit.
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From: graphitone24 Sep 2019 21:13
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I wasn't disputing that you hated it, more that you may have been taking the piss out of the vague reasons for disliking other films that we've had in this thread already.  :-$